May 28, 2023

“You won’t reveal to me, are you handsome?”


The case happened in 2009, when the two worked together

Image 1: Playback/Ensemble | Image 2: Reproduction / Rede Globo

expected to go to a Tuesday night (25), Susana Perez I told you about an episode where I was betrayed by an actor. During her participation in Que História É Essa, the actress went on to talk about how she discovered her “jumping wall”. Even without naming names, she was dating Marcus Baschemin 2009.

The two worked together on the TV series Caras & Bocas, from Rede Globo. “He didn’t play much with me, but I kept watching him from afar. And it’s good to be clear that we’re friends nowadays, everything’s fine. But back then it was terrible.”It started Susana Perez.

Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

The actress indicated that she even spoke with the actor, as she did not like to reveal her private life like that. “I told him, ‘If you’re going to do something, don’t expose me.'” It’s my first time working in the media, it was very difficult to deal with, you won’t expose me, are you handsome? “, I remembered Susana. However, the request did not work out very well.

“I opened the newspaper and on the cover was a beautiful picture of me at an event, kissing another [mulher] Next to it was the headline: “Susana Perez Takes a Horn and Such-and-such” “,” I told. Susana He revealed that he understood everything that happened when he started working and driving. On the way, she broke down in tears.