September 30, 2023
Young man dressed as death sets himself on fire as tourists take selfies - News

Young man dressed as death sets himself on fire as tourists take selfies – News

young man dressed as death set a fire Same in the late afternoon of last Tuesday (31), amid a tourist spot in Istanbul, Turkey. Known as Abdullah Cihat Turan b. , 28, was hospitalized with second and third degree burns and remains in hospital in a serious condition.

According to local news site Haber Dairisi, the accident occurred in front of the Galata Tower, the medieval building where it now stands. museum. After taking pictures with some passersby, Abdullah poured gasoline on himself and set himself on fire.

Raghib Soylu, a correspondent for Middle East Eye, expressed his anger at the lack of action of witnesses in the face of the incident: “Some tourists continued to take selfies while the man was on fire,” the Daily reported. The tabloid newspaper.

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Although late in realizing what was happening, some shopkeepers in the area were able to intervene with fire extinguishers.

Police investigations show that the young man has a history of several crimes – which the publication did not specify – and arrived in Istanbul from Konya where he was registered.

He’s already tried in his private life on other occasions, and he’s had problems with his family due to his psyche and Leave the job As a factory worker in his hometown for a year.

Authorities found a tablet inside a bag that Abdullah was carrying during the fire, and it will be analyzed as the investigation progresses.

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