March 30, 2023

Your answer reveals great fear!

A few months ago, a photo went viral on Twitter. Although it is very simple, it has caused a lot of “headache” for many people. The image consists of a file Never On the stairs, and its ambiguity involves an optical illusion about the cat going down or up the stairs.

As many people know, our vision is formed by the capture of light stimuli by our eyes, which in turn are transmitted to the brain and decoded in order to form images.

The way these light stimuli reach the brain is what indicates the elements in the image to be created, namely the colors and shapes. Therefore, by modifying these elements, it is possible to create Optical illusions Like the cat on the stairs.

The shape and position of the camera that photographed the cats distorted the shapes, which would make everyone see the image one way or another, hence the confusion between ups and downs.

However, our goal is not to provide an answer, if there is one, but rather to understand how your brain works through the way you see an image.

Is the cat up or down?

That’s simple Exam It will answer your concerns simply by how to identify the cat in the photo.

This happens because although the brain divides functions into regions, it is one organ. Therefore, your fears can affect other areas of the brain, even modifying your perception of images. So, look at the image below and see if your concerns match the way you see the images.

Just as your fears affect what you see, what you read can also change how you perceive the world. So, before checking the answers, look at the picture for five seconds or less and answer how you see it.

If you look too much, it can also change how you perceive it. This is because your brain will have more time to process the details.


Now that you’ve answered as you can see the picture, let’s get to the answers.

The cat is climbing

If you look at the picture and see the cat climbing up, your mind is used to understanding things calmly and carefully. Therefore, you are probably afraid to take risks, which also indicates afraid From unknown situations and events.

I saw the cat come down, now what?

But if you notice the cat going down the stairs, your mind has a habit of looking for higher positions, so you have great ambition and many dreams.

This indicates that your fears are related to the possibility of failing or failing in tests and challenges, even if this does not necessarily indicate a loss. But being second, for example, is unbearable for you.

The cat is not there

Finally, what few people know is that there is a third option for those viewing the image: realizing that the cat is not going up or down, but just delusion It is on the stairs, as if it was later attached to the photo.

If you are this person, your fear is being alone. You are a distrustful person who sees the world differently than others, so you find it difficult to cope. Therefore, he is very afraid of ending up alone.

How did you see the cat?