Your career is in a cul-de-sac ?

Votre carrière est-elle dans un cul-de-sac ?

What to do when one has the feeling that our career is treading water, that it has reached the bottom professionally speaking ? Here are a few tips to get by.

According to a study by CV-Library and Course Library, more than 80% of workers are facing a cul-de-sac professional at least once during their career. Because of doubts, boredom or lack of motivation, some of them give up even their work to choose a different one. Before that happens, some actions can be applied to find the spirit at work and to advance professionally.

1. Think of what we like to do

What is it that you feel passionate about ? What is it that motivates you ? If you find that you do not find these two things in your current job, the time may be ripe to undertake the steps that allow you to regain your motivation. We work a lot and long, and loving what you do is important…

2. Identify the problem

What is it that makes you stagnez at work ? You don’t have a sense of progression ? You have made the tour of the garden ? Your work environment you don’t like ? You don’t get along with your colleagues ? Your tasks you bored ? It is essential to identify what is not going to be able to move forward.

3. Make a plan

If you want to change job or career, begin to check the offers of employment. If you are looking for more challenges, a promotion or different tasks, talk to your bosses or to the appropriate people in your company. Try to get a head start on what you want to do before you hit the bottom and not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Rebuild your network

The feeling of not moving forward is sometimes due to an impression of confinement, which can occur when we see always the same colleagues, that it is frequent-always the same circles. There is nothing better to evolve and be open to new opportunities to continue to develop its network. Participate in networking events, conferences, seminars or 5 to 7 professionals. In talking with persons other than those to which you are accustomed, it will open new horizons.

5. Give challenges

It is sometimes difficult to get out of his comfort zone, but this is precisely what he must do to be stimulated again. For example, to do an internship in a new area to see if you like it, and to learn yet, despite your work experience already gained. This approach can be both unsettling and exciting, and can lead to a new professional life.

6. Consult his mentors

Maintain contact with mentors can be a good way to help you focus on your goals and help you achieve them.


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