June 29, 2022
Youtube can create a specific page for podcasts

Youtube can create a specific page for podcasts

You Podcasts It continues to grow and is currently one of the most widely used media formats in the country. After gaining traction during the Covid-19 pandemic, what is new is that channels that produce this type of content may contain Exclusive guide to Youtube.

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Audio platforms such as Spotify have noted the success of the format, which today is consumed by nearly 30 million Brazilians. Now, the video sharing site appears to be heading down the same path.

A document revealing YouTube’s plans has been leaked by Podnews. There are 84 pages detailing the new features and monetization of the podcast, as well as other technical and marketing aspects.

As the leak shows, the idea is to create a special section under the address youtube.com/podcasts, which is on the site’s homepage. This way, the company will be able to work on new ways to include ads. See more details in the image below:

YouTube has not yet officially commented on the information, but updates are expected to be released in 2022.

Spotify has now become the major player in the advertising market for podcasts, and continues to invest heavily in the format. Clip betting is a good strategy for the Google video platform, since InstagramTikTok and Kwai are gaining more and more space in the video market.