September 26, 2023
Yuri Alberto says he hopes Corinthians will buy him: 'I took the club's DNA' |  Corinthians

Yuri Alberto says he hopes Corinthians will buy him: ‘I took the club’s DNA’ | Corinthians

Score the second goal Corinthians in 2-1 win over AtleticoAs a result of replacing Timão in the G-4 from Brazil, striker Yuri Alberto participated in the “Seleção sportv” on Thursday and spoke about his adaptation to the club. He says he hopes to buy it.

– I’m doing my best. a Corinthians It’s a club you’ve already adapted to, you’ve got the club’s DNA. From the first day they welcomed me very well, I am very grateful and happy in the club. At the beginning of the week, I heard the boss was looking for me to stay, and I hope it works out, do my best.

– I hope this (the purchase) will happen, but I need to give the answer in the field to the boss so that he thinks carefully (of the final recruitment).

"Hope I can stay for next year"As Yuri Alberto of Seleção says:

“I hope to be able to stay for next year,” says Yuri Alberto of Seleção.

Duílio Monteiro Alves praised the player’s performance and He mentioned that he would try to negotiate with ZenitFrom Russia buy the player. He is on loan until the middle of next season.

We were playing matches in preparation for the Copa del Rey. These are important games to keep us in the G-4. We took it as preparations for the Brazilian Cup. Twelfth and nineteenth.

Timao still faces Cuiaba (Saturday, in the arena), Juventus (Tuesday, in Caxias) and Atlético-PR (Saturday, 8) before the first game of the Copa do Brasil final against Flamengo. So winning matches is very valuable to the team.

Yuri Alberto, from Corinthians, in the band SporTV – Photo: clone

Yuri praised Renato Augusto’s entry into the squad and said the matches against Flamengo will be different this time. It is good to remember that Timao fell in the quarter-finals of the Libertadores to his opponent.

– He definitely gets another face. We also have Maycon, who left at the start of the first game. We will continue and do well for this final of the Copa del Rey.

At the age of 21, Yuri also highlighted the partnership he was building with Róger Guedes:

– It’s a partner we develop, we find ourselves in the game. Roger comes outside in and that helps a lot in making some short tables. I always believe when he kicks and vice versa. Thank God, I managed to score – top player.

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