Yves-François Blanchet crowned leader of the Bloc québécois

Yves-François Blanchet couronné chef du Bloc québécois

The former minister in the parti québécois Yves-François Blanchet has been crowned the leader of the Bloc québécois. He was the only person to have submitted a nomination to be valid.

The president of the election of the leadership race, Pierre Bouchard, the announcement was made in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, at the end of the nomination period of two months ending at midnight.

“At the end of the nomination period, I received only a single application that meets all of the conditions prescribed in the rules of the race to the leadership of the Bloc québécois, I declare, therefore, mr. Yves-François Blanchet elected leader of the Bloc québécois”, he wrote in a brief statement.

Mr. Blanchet, who is 53-year-old, has been minister of the Environment in the government of Pauline Marois from December 2012 to April 2014. He later worked in a television public affairs until the announcement of his candidacy for the leadership of the Bloc québécois last November 26.

Before making the jump to policy, Mr. Blanchet was known in the artistic world, including as the manager of the singer Éric Lapointe and as president of the Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo (ADISQ).

In a text published on the website of the party of its vision, Mr. Blanchet writing to be a candidate for promoting “tirelessly” to the independence of Quebec and to “win the Quebec and win for Quebec”.

According to the party site, the engineer Jean-Jacques Nantel has been the only other person to have applied for a nomination form. It would not have been able to meet the minimum conditions laid down by the party.

For a nomination to be valid, it must be accompanied by the signatures of 500 members in good standing of the party and a cheque for registration fee of at least 7500 $. The rules put in place by the training sovereigntist specify that signatures should come from at least fifteen districts and that each should have at least twenty.

The race to the leadership of the Bloc québécois had to be triggered following the resignation tumultuous Martine Ouellet, last June, at the end of a crisis where seven members of parliament had slammed the door of the party.

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