June 28, 2022
Zambelli asks PGE to investigate and deregister PT - Prisma

Zambelli asks PGE to investigate and deregister PT – Prisma

On Wednesday (20), Federal Representative Carla Zampelli (PSL-SP) requested the Public Prosecutor for Elections (PGE) to investigate the receipt of illegal financial resources of foreign origin by the Labor Party (PT) for the benefit of former President Lewis. Inacio Lula da Silva. In the document, it requires that the caption be invalidated.

This week, the Spanish website Okdiario revealed its condemnation of the party’s receipt of funds. According to the publication, the former head of Venezuela’s intelligence service, General Hugo Armando Carvajal, better known as “El Polo” Carvajal, sent a seven-page letter to Judge Manuel García Castellón, reporting details of Funding plan for left-wing parties in Latin America and Europe by the governments of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.

Among the beneficiaries of the program is former President Lula of Brazil. Nestor Kirchner in Argentina; Evo Morales in Bolivia; Fernando Lugo in Paraguay; Ollanta Humala, Peru; Zelaya in Honduras; Gustavo Petro, Colombia; Five Star Movement, in Italy; and Podemos in Spain.

According to Zampele, the complaint has “serious repercussions for national sovereignty” and, if confirmed, defends the deregistration of proficiency tests, based on Article 28 of Law No. 9096/1995 – which defines civil registration cancellation and party statutes. “Receiving or receiving financial resources of foreign origin; being affiliated with a foreign entity or government.”

PT was demonstrated by the observation:

“Ms. Carla Zampelli’s file to the Deputy Prosecutor for Elections contains baseless, false and slanderous general accusations. Similar lies to these accusations have already been analyzed and rejected by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal in no fewer than 12 political party deregistration requests also submitted without any evidence and legal grounds .

Labor will adopt appropriate legal action against Ms. Carla Zambelli over the outrageous accusations. Appropriate measures will be taken against anyone who spreads slander in the media against the party and its leaders, regardless of the sources of false news.

Making accusations without evidence was a plea from Jair Bolsonaro and his allies, inside and outside Brazil, to try to deflect attention from the catastrophe his government has caused in the country, from hunger, poverty, unemployment and crime denounced by the Covid CPI. . Bolsonaro’s illegal and criminal government.”