August 18, 2022
Zaquieu is fed up with anti-gay jokes and confronts Tadeu TV News

Zaquieu is fed up with anti-gay jokes and confronts Tadeu TV News

The different and wonderful way from Zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) Butt became jokes among peasants Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera) in wet land From the moment he arrived from Rio de Janeiro. Bullying leader is Thaddeus (José Loreto) In the following chapters, Zacoyo will respond to pawn jokes, causing an atmosphere at Globo’s 9 AM opera.

After being reprimanded by the farm owner, Mariana’s servant (Selma Igre) will walk around the farm and talk to himself about the difficulties of adapting in the Pantanal. Thaddeus will approach him and mock him.

ara…what happened, weirdo?! “, provokes Tadeu, when Zaquieu encounters borocoxô.” First of all: I’m not a weirdo! I have a name. By the way, a very nice name, ”the butler objects.

Soon he will ask why he is called “strange”, and he will provoke Tadeo: “Do you not have a mirror at home?” “A lot of them, by the way,” replied Zakio. “As for you, apparently, you don’t have the slightest education!” Philo’s son (Dera Pais) will taunt again if he’s going to cry.

“It’s just that I have no patience for your jokes. I didn’t come here to make a laughingstock for others!” , will say, who would be offended.

Tadeu will pretend there is a crocodile there and Zaquieu will make a terrifying shriek. The pedestrians following the scene would start laughing, making the butler embarrassed. He would stare at the men from afar, their eyes filled with malice, and leave.

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