February 5, 2023
Zebra again!  Juazeirense eliminates Vasco from the Brazilian Cup on penalties - 09/03/2022

Zebra again! Juazeirense eliminates Vasco from the Brazilian Cup on penalties – 09/03/2022

Zebra again! As has happened with other traditional clubs in the country this season, Vasco The last was eliminated early in the Brazil Cup. After a 1-1 draw in regular time – goals by Bruno Nazario, for Cariocas, and Nildo Petrolina, for Bahian Island – Cruz Maltino was beaten on penalties by Joserense 4-2, with two exports from veteran goalkeeper Rodrigo Calata. ., 41 years. Now the BA team is waiting for the CBF to know their opponent in the next stage of the competition.

Already qualified for the semi-finals of Carioca Championship, faces Vasco Resende, on Sunday (13), in Sao Januaro, to determine his position and face his opponent in the decisive stage of the state championship. Juazeirense faces Atlético (BA), on the same date, in their battle to escape relegation in the Bahia Championship.

Guzirins’ experienced goalkeeper shines in the penalty shootout

Just as it was in normal time, Guzirenci also excelled in penalty kicks. The Bahian team converted all their players, while the main player Nene was missed by Vasco, and so did defender Anderson Conceicao. Both kicks ended up in the hands of veteran goalkeeper Rodrigo Calassa, 41, who was exposed by Goias and played for other clubs in Brazil.

Thiago Rodriguez, Maltino’s cross archer, was able to take the corner kick with most kicks, but could not carry out the defense.

Yuri Lara returns after nearly a month and a half

Among Vasco’s first reinforcements this season, midfielder Yuri Lara is back on the field after nearly a month and a half with an ankle injury. The player entered the second half instead of Ze Gabriel. His last match was on January 29, a 1-1 draw with Boavista, in favor of Carioca.

The Best – Gabriel Beck

Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

The young striker is on a good stage, confident in himself and risking his moves. He provided a great assist for Bruno Nazário’s goal, which was difficult to implement, and was very involved.

Worst – Destructive

A bureaucrat, the left side was a little involved and made some silly mistakes, reaching the point of reversal in a side charge.

Juazeirense fans chanted “Ole” during the match

Feeling that their team was better in the match, the Algozerense fans chanted “Ole” for the team at the beginning of the second half, when the match was tied 1-1.

Vasco’s departure from the hotel

Getting to the stadium

Vasco fans turn out in droves

data sheet:

JoseRense 1 (4) x (2) 1 Vasco

place: Adauto Moraes, in Juazeiro (BA)
date and time: March 9, 2022 (Wednesday) at 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Rule: Paulo Roberto Alves Jr. (PR)
Auxiliaries: Bruno Bocellia (PR) and Ivan Carlos Boon (PR)
yellow cards: Wendell, Gillherme, Clipson (JUA); Raniel, Baby (VAS)
Objectives: Bruno Nazario, 5 minutes into the first half (VAS); Nildo Petrolina, 34 minutes into the first half (by air)

Al Jazeera: Rodrigo Calata, Dadinha (Guilherme), Eduardo (Rodolfo Manuel), Wendell and Nildo Petrolina; Wagueno, Patrick, Klebson, and Anisette (Ian Augusto); DeSigno (Nixon) and Neto Baiano (Dennis). Technical: Barbosina

Vasco: Thiago Rodriguez Weaverton, Anderson Conceicao, Juan Quintero and Edemar; Zee Gabriel (Yuri Lara), Juninho (Luis Enrique), and Bruno Nazario (Figueiredo); Nene, Gabriel Beck (Gitlio) and Raniel. Technical: Ricardo’s outfit