July 2, 2022
Zelensky says he is not hiding and talks with Russia continue

Zelensky says he is not hiding and talks with Russia continue

Today, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued another statement on the conflict with Russia. In the 8-minute video, he is first shown walking into his office to show that he is at Government House in Kyiv.

“I’m here in Kyiv, my team is with me. Everyone in their place is fighting,” said Zelensky. Then he spoke again, even mentioning the address of the place where he works: “I can say that I am here, I am still here in Kyiv, and I am not hiding.”

The president gave a strong nationalist speech in which he praised the Ukrainian resistance and said he was confident of victory.

“We are all at war. We have all contributed to our victory which will surely be achieved. By force of arms and our army. By force of words and our diplomacy. And by force of spirit, may it be the first, the second and each of us.”

The president also commented on Attack in Makarev, Kyiv region, at least 13 people were killed People. “Today in Makarev, Kyiv region, they shot the bread factory. Why? The old bread factory! Think about it – to shoot the bread factory. Who should do it? Or destroy another church – in the Zhytomyr region built church of the Nativity of the Virgin 1862. These are not human beings.”

He even promised to rebuild the cities destroyed by the Russian bombing by turning them into references.

“We know that the hatred that the enemy has brought to our cities by bombing will not remain there and there will be no trace of it. The hatred is not about us. So there will be no trace of the enemy. We will rebuild. Everything. We will make our cities destroyed by the invader better than any city in Russia. ”

Photo: UOL Art

Male Zelensky The third round of negotiations that took place today and stated that he would like to be able to say this was the latter, but considered it “realistic” and therefore the talks should continue. He said he was confident of word and diplomacy to reach peace.

At the second meeting of the negotiations, Russia and Ukraine agreed to establish humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians. But explosions were recorded in these areas.

During the speech, Zelensky accused the Russian army of violating the agreement. There was agreement on humanitarian corridors. it worked? In their place were Russian Grad Russian tanks [lança-foguetes]Russian mines. They even dismantled the road where it was agreed to transport food and medicine to people and children in Mariupol.”