October 3, 2023
Zezé Di Camargo (Foto: Reprodução)

Zezé Di Camargo is smashed to hear the news of the breakup ending: ‘Chorou’

Zezé Di Camargo cried when he heard a new song

Composer Danimar spoke in an interview with André Piunti podcast about one of the most popular songs in audio and Zizi di Camargo and Luciano. “Dois Corações e Uma História” is a powerful lyrical poem about a couple ending up and back together.

Therefore, Danimar carried this song to Zezé and Luciano. Hearing the song, he was very emotional when he heard the lyrics and so it entered the duo’s album. “When we finished the song, Zizi started crying. I’ve never cried with a song, you guys don’t know how to play,” he said, and started cursing us.

Zizi even asked them to sing a lot and he really liked the whole project. In addition, Zezé also requested that Danimar’s brother, who did the initial arrangement of the song, be officially as the owner of the recording arrangement.

The song subsequently became one of the famous recordings in the duo’s history, as well as one of the most famous tracks by Danemar and his partner Carlos Randal.

Gracilly’s pregnancy

While Zezé is the father of three children, Graciele Lacerda has no heirs yet, but the expectation of the singer’s pregnancy is high. During an interview with Entretê, the digital influencer opened up about the topic and finally He told the truth about her.

When asked if the routine would change much when she got pregnant with Zezé, the celebrity didn’t think twice before answering. “No doubt it has to change, but I admit I don’t think about it yet. I like to live in the moment, so when the time comes, I will organize myself to deal with it in the best way,” she said.

Recently, upon opening a question box on Instagram, Graciele Lacerda was asked about it. “Lots of messages like that. Baby today you don’t need to freeze looks anymore if you want. There’s a technique called pulsing. Where he takes semen through a needle in the bag,” he began.

Then you take the eggs and fertilize the semen collected in each one. to create embryos. We already have our embryos. Now it’s just a matter of wearing it,” the celebrity continued, in Instagram Stories.

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