November 27, 2022
Zilu Camargo

Zilu Camargo exposes tension after a hurricane visit to America and leaves

Zilu Camargo leaves after a hurricane hits America (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing: RD1)

Jilu Camargo After Hurricane Ian passed through Orlando, USA, he commented with fans what happened to his home in the US.

Through stories, on Instagram, Vanessa’s mother shared with her followers the tense moments she faced when the storm hit.

Lying down, Jilu said she was tired and sleepy, but also scared. She explained that the screens that had been put up to protect the house were blown away by the speed of the wind.

While walking through the exterior of the mansion, the influencer exposed the condition of her pool. Due to the situation, the environment is full of dirt due to damage.

Finally, the ex-wife of Zezé Di Camargo thanked God that Ian did not go beyond hurricane category 1. In parts of Florida, the storm reached Category 4.

Zilu Camargo shows the damage of Hurricane Ian in the United States

Zilu Camargo commented on rumors of a fight between Vanessa and Camila Camargo

A few weeks ago, Zilu Camargo commented on the rumors of a fight between his daughters Wanessa and Camilla Camargo. A follower wanted to know about the family situation after the two sisters traveled to America on different dates.

Zilu explained that everything is fine between the artists. She posted a photo of a happy moment with the heirs after the reunion, making it clear that things are good between them.

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