February 1, 2023

Zizeh’s sister speaks

Kikiki is being formed in the world of celebrities. Since rumors started of an alleged fight involving Lucille Camargo, Denilson and a third person, the search for an unconfirmed triangle top has begun on social networks. Among the names that have gone down in history is that of ex-paranoid Pape Muniz.

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“The press called me yesterday to ask if I was a girl who had been beaten, I don’t know, had a fight with the wife of a man who works as a TV commentator. And that girl had lost her big hair and hair.. Guys, I have no mention or mention of anything and no one to fight for. I didn’t even know anything, and everything because I went to do my huge maintenance yesterday! I’d been doing it for three months, and she was falling Indeed; I have featured it in my stories.”

Photo by Babi Muniz: rep instagram

Papi even asked Lucille to explain and tell who the supposed lover of the supposed fight is. But she deleted this snippet from her stories after Lucille publicly announced that nothing had happened between her and Denilson, who also came out in defense of Renata Fan, who works with her husband in the Band.

Image: reproduction

“Well, I have a strong relationship, of mutual respect and a lot of love. Denilson’s relationship with Renata and many other women in the course of action are also based on respect, and I don’t need anyone to think or believe, but I need to know them too.”
I just came into the audience to make fun of the situation because it was really boring. And whether you believe in my truth or not, nothing in my life will change. Point. We continue to have God’s union and blessings in our lives.”

When speculation began that she would be the heroine of the cottage when Denilson’s luxury car broke down, in a cryptic note posted by columnist Leo Dias, Luciele Camargo reacted with humor and sarcasm. On social networks, Zezé di Camargo’s sister and Luciano filmed herself hitting a toy car. Next, she showed off the gift she got from her husband: a new car.

“My new car I got because I broke Denilson’s. Get in the brand new car,” Lucille joked, even posting a video next to the gift and with a photo of her wearing a hat with horns.

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