December 2, 2023
Zuleica defends Maria Bruaca and offers 'soap' to Tenório TV News

Zuleica defends Maria Bruaca and offers ‘soap’ to Tenório TV News

zuleka (Allen Burgess), second wife of Tenorio (Murilo Benicio) surprised an audience wet land. The nurse defended Maria Broca (Isabelle Teixeira), and, moreover, she forced her lover to wash his clothes himself, which he had never dreamed of. “Soap stays in the closet,” she confirmed on Globo at 9 AM.

On this Tuesday (14) episode, the sons of bastards call their mother jota (Julia Dalvia) in Broca, which angers Zuleika. He stressed that “she has a name.” Later, the villain began to organize his clothes, but said that he could not take some of the soiled items, as the woman made it clear that she would not wash it anymore.

“And that’s no less,” he emphasized to the character of Aline Borges, who was furious when he suggested she do the job herself. “You don’t seem to know me. If you think I’ll wash and iron your clothes. I don’t know how the band plays on your farm, but it’s every man for himself here. Soap is in the closet, ironing board and iron behind the door,” they shot the hygienist before leaving.

On social media, viewers of the plot lost everything with her attitude. “I’ve never criticized Zuleika,” said one netizen named Pablo. “Put that scrotum in place,” Bruna cried. At the same time, there were those who found Zuleika’s position incoherent, as she accepts all the situation imposed on her by her lover by hiding from his other family.

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