March 1, 2024

20 seconds to find the different circle; Could you?

Optical illusion tests And jigsaw puzzles can offer many mental and physical health benefits. Doing these tests stimulates the brain and its cognitive functions.

These challenges can be found at booksmagazines, websites and even mobile apps. It’s a fun, interactive, and great way to explore how the brain processes and interprets visual information and can help you understand how misleading perception can be.

In addition, the test will focus on a puzzle or a file Optical error and illusion It can be relaxing and help reduce stress and anxiety. Practicing these tests requires problem-solving skills, which can help improve these skills in everyday life.

In the next challenge, Expedition It is to determine which of the circles has a different color. Although it seems simple, this test is tricky because the yellow color can cause visual distortion.

Determining which circle is a different shade of yellow can take time and require a lot of attention. Mixing colors and geometric shapes together, the look of those watching.

If you’re thinking of giving up the belief that all pictures are the same, go ahead with the test, because, yes, there is a different color between them. good luck!


Did you find the circle with a different tint? If you find it, then your mind is agile and your vision picks up colors excellently.

If you can’t spot the difference in the image, don’t worry! Those the exams They help exercise your brain, and over time, your problem-solving skills can improve with practice.

In order not to leave you curious, let’s leave the color test result below. Once you know the result, the different circuit will be obvious. Check it out and be surprised!