February 26, 2024
2021 Emergency Aid: CAIXA Will Pay New Payment Tomorrow

2021 Emergency Aid: CAIXA Will Pay New Payment Tomorrow

Caixa Economics Federal (CEF) With Release of the sixth installment of the benefit Tomorrow October 11th. After completing the deposits to the social accounts, the bank will now release the cash withdrawal. Remember that five withdrawals have already been made, and now the bank will make another withdrawal.

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In this Monday 11 October It wouldn’t be any different. Caixa will launch the in-kind benefit for casual workers who are registered with the assistance via the website or CadÚnico and who were born in June. Checked in to this group on September 26th.

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The supplier was available to pay invoices and purchases through virtual card or QR code, by cashier app. Withdrawals and transfers for the sixth batch will be issued starting Monday, October 4th.

See below the schedule for the sixth installment of emergency aid for the general public:

birth month


Withdrawals and Transfers


September 21

October 4


September 22

October 5


September 23

October 5


September 24

6 October

may be

September 25

October 8


September 26

October 11


September 28

October 13


September 29

October 14


September 30

October 15


October 1

October 18


October 2

October 19


October 3

October 19

Workers can clear their doubts through the call center number 111 in Caixa, which operates from Monday to Sunday, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. In addition, there is information on the website of Federal Savings Bank. It is also possible to refer to the help page on the Caixa website or the help consultation page on the Department of Citizenship website.

Extension of emergency aid 2021

The Ministry of Economy can no longer resist President Jair Bolsonaro’s desire to extend first aid. At least this is the information contained in the columnist Leandro Mazzini from Istoé magazine. According to him, Minister Paulo Guedes has already begun studies on this topic.

As for what is now official, emergency aid must make its last payment in October. However, Citizenship Department members see a need to extend the entitlement for a few more months. The group closest to Minister Paulo Guedes will try to resist.

However, according to journalist Mazzini, President Jair Bolsonaro himself would have asked Guedes to accept the extension. So the Minister of Economy had no choice at all. The idea now is to extend the emergency aid, at least, until next month of April 2022.

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