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2021 Income Tax: Revenue issues an inquiry to the fourth batch of refunds today | 2021 income tax

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2021 Income Tax: Revenue issues an inquiry to the fourth batch of refunds today |  2021 income tax

a The Federal Revenue Service releases this Tuesday (24) 10 a.m., the fourth installment advisory for the 2021 income tax refund. and continues Table of compensation up to the penultimate payment – research complete calendar below.

The taxpayer can consult revenue site. You can also choose to do the research to see if you will be included in this wave on the portal kak or through Applications For mobile downloadable on platforms Android where iOS.

Pay for this lot, which will have a total value of 5.1 billion Brazilian RealOn August 31 (Tuesday) for 3.81 million taxpayers (Exactly 3,819,743).

They will receive persons with legal priority 8,185 senior taxpayers aged over 80, 67,893 between 60 and 79, 6,088 taxpayers with a physical or mental disability or serious illness and 26,647 taxpayers as their main source of income is teaching.

3,710,930 non-priority shareholders were also covered.

Income tax refund payment schedule for 2021

1º lot May 31, 2021 already paid
2º a lot June 30, 2021 already paid
3º lot 30 July 2021 already paid
4º lot August 31, 2021
5º a lot September 30, 2021

The account I referred to in the statement no longer exists, so what next?

If credit is not done – If the entered account is disabled, for example -, Values ​​will be available Redeemable for up to one year in Banco do Brasil.

In this case, The shareholder can reschedule the credit fur The BB portal, which you can access by clicking here, or by calling Banco do Brasil Customer Service at phones 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800-729-0088 (a special phone exclusively for the hard of hearing).

If the taxpayer does not refund the amount Who will compensate you? within a year, you must apply for e-CAC . Gateway, available at The IRS websiteAnd Access to declarations and statements, my income tax list and click on “Request a non-refundable refund in the bank’s network”.

NS Income tax refund payment schedule for 2021See the calendar above in this text – Contains 5 lots and those who did not receive the first 3 lots will have to wait for the next 2 lots and still can Check the status of the ad to see if it has fallen into the fine grid And you need to make some correction.

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The Federal Revenue Service has released an inquiry for the fourth installment of its 2021 income tax refund – Photo: Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil

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