July 15, 2024

2021 was the year of the Brazilian Games

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2021 foi o ano dos jogos brasileiros
2021 foi o ano dos jogos brasileiros

If you look at the 2021 editions, there is no doubt that it was an excellent year for the Brazilian Games!

We have reached many titles of various genres, styles and ranges, which have reached and recognition at the national and global level, such as minor e Dodgeball Academy.

So, to remember and celebrate a year that was significant to the national scene, we’ve listed some key releases of 2021.

Check it out below:

Dodgeball Academy

Inspired by the anime and Nintendo classics, Dodgeball Academy Mixing elements of RPG and dribbling ball, this puts the player in training, competition and solving unusual problems in a school focused on sports. The game also features relaxed dialogues full of Brazilian references.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.


minor It is a metroidvania set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a war between humans and robots. With a pixelated look and a contemplative story, the game offers a unique experience It offers freedom to the playerIt features many accessibility options and a high replay factor.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.

red ronin

Inspired by Hotline MiamiAnd red ronin It is an action game whose objective is to kill all the enemies in the room in order to progress. But it does have a differentiating factor: turn-based combat. With such unusual gameplay, the plot follows the story of Ronin betrayed by her companions – and now seeking revenge on everyone.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.

Kazee and the wild masks

Kazee and the wild masks It is a cute 2D platform game, mainly inspired by the classics of the 90’s genre Donkey Kong Country. The title is a challenging experience, with well-thought-out stages, optional content (such as bonus stages) and even bosses.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.


monochromatic, wolfstrade is an RPG about three partners in crime who decide to compete in gigantic mecha battles – and end up with a mission to save the world. With turn-based combat, the game is still a mixture of different influences, Like anime and even korean dramas.

platforms: computer.

Dandy Ice

Developed by Mad Mimic Studio (There are no heroes here), Dandy Ice It is an elegant and opulent looking roguelike game that puts the player in the shoes of a wizard who needs to defeat a powerful prankster. For this, the combat is based on the card combination system, which gives a good change in the way of playing.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.


Attractive look and good rhythm, Evertrade It is a roguelite style game that focuses on strategy and is set in a mysterious tower sandwiched between life and death. The goal is simple: defeat enemies with turn-based combat to go up the tower and unravel the puzzles.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker

Developed by Aquiris Studio (Horizon Chase Turbo), Wonderbox It is a block building game. Maine Craft, which allows players to create and share their adventures – as well as explore others. The scenarios are set inside the diorama and it has several creation tools.

platforms: iOS (exclusively from Apple Arcade).

square angles

square angles It is a simple and smart game that puts the player in 2D scenarios to solve puzzles that move by gravity, columns and labyrinths. The story still takes a meditative approach, which follows a man searching for his son, and discovering that there are magical and sinister forces behind the boy’s disappearance.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.


With a story that mixes reality and folklore, Tongue It is an adventure and puzzle game set in northeastern Brazil with a captivating look. As expected, the title features many Brazilian references, from high plastic tables to crunchy caramel.

platforms: computer.

Retro Machina

Its events take place in a futuristic world, in which humans became extinct and only robots remained. Retro Machina It is an exploration game with scenarios inspired by illustrations from 20th century science fiction books. The player controls a robot with the aim of discovering the causes of the downfall of this universe.

platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.

The hero is among us

The hero is among us It is a game that combines strategy and management in the world of superheroes. The player needs to choose a hero to save the world – he can be a ranger, runner or a genius – who knows how to deal with global crises and threats from villains.

platforms: PC, Android e iOS.

Aspire: Ina’s Tale

Aspire: Ina’s Tale It is a platform game with a poetic and artistic tone, that follows a mystical adventure starring a girl named Ina, who is trapped in a tower for unknown reasons. The goal is to find a way out of there and uncover the mysteries of the place, solving puzzles through scenarios.

platforms: Xbox One and Nintendo Switch e PC.

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