February 28, 2024

3 Chrome extensions to enhance your privacy

Browser stores include extensions, which are programs intended to provide functionality and features to improve your experience on the web. The options are many: password managers, extensions that change the appearance of the browser, cryptocurrency wallets, and page translators. With that said, we’ve added another category: Privacy Extensions to the Chrome Web Store.

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Privacy extensions for your Google Chrome

1. Avast Online Security

With over 10 million followers using the extension based on the Chrome Store, our #1 extension recommendation includes an already popular program. In short, Avast protects your browser from online threats, trackers and scams in real time. To be more precise, in its features it can check the risk rating of any website on the Internet just by moving the mouse.

Furthermore, following the description in the store, it manages to refuse targeted ads by limiting data collection by advertisers with your browsing data.

2. AdBlock – getadblock

Adblockers follow a premise: they block ads from various websites. In the specific software features, it also protects your browser from malware and prevents advertisers from accessing your browsing history and seeing your personal information.

3. uBlock

For those who want a cleaner navigation, uBlock is a good option. It’s a cross-platform extension (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) and it works, as the name suggests, by blocking all kinds of ads that can pollute your experience, as well as trackers, miners, pop-ups, and malware.

Finally, according to its description in the Chrome Store, it consumes less memory and CPU compared to other tools, in addition to being able to apply thousands of filters from hosts files to ensure your privacy.

In short, we recommend already known extensions. In order to have full access to the resources, we recommend that you read the description to have more control over its performance and application.