September 28, 2023

3 hidden features Android users wish you knew about before

The more we venture into our mobile settings, the more features we discover. In this sense, in times of device difficulty, some of them can make our lives easier.

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Above all, Android combines many utilities into its operating system that allow users to have more control over their well-being, storage and even their memory. Explore some resources.

Application timer

As much as there are apps that aim to limit the time you spend on other programs, the Android operating system usually comes with a feature that gives users the freedom to set the exact time. As a result, Activation is valuable to anyone who spends more time on certain apps than they should.

To activate:

  • enter settings;
  • Find the “Digital Wellbeing” tab;
  • Click on “Apply Timers”;
  • Choose your application and decide how much time you will spend;
  • ready.

Restrict background data

Have you ever stopped to think how to get notifications on WhatsApp or any other social network without opening it?

The explanation lies in the background performance of the app. It turns out that others, not so closely related, to notify ads or something like that, also run in the background. Therefore, limiting its background usage allows you to extend battery life.

To activate:

  • open settings;
  • Look for “Device and battery support”
  • Click on “Battery”
  • Go to “Background usage limits”
  • Carefully select the apps you want to suspend. Read the feature descriptions for a better understanding.
  • ready!

Likewise, it is possible to suspend apps that are not used frequently.

Keep in mind that you should only disable some apps that don’t need to refresh or notify in the background.

So, do not put your WhatsApp in the background, if disabled, you will only receive the notification when entering the application and you will not know when someone is messaging you in real time.

RAM Plus

RAM Plus feature acts as a virtual addition to RAM. In short, RAM is an essential component to allow multiple applications to run efficiently simultaneously.

In this feature, RAM Plus uses your phone’s storage to provide virtual memory. By limiting more virtual memory, you’ll theoretically be able to keep more apps open in the background.

On the other hand, as mentioned, the higher the value, the more storage space on your phone will be used. So if your gallery is already full of media, it’s not a good idea to turn on the RAM Plus feature unless your phone’s performance is compromised with too many apps open.

To activate:

  • open settings;
  • access, again, to “Device and battery help”;
  • Click on “Memory”.
  • Scroll down and enter RAM Plus
  • Select the desired value between 2, 4 and 6 GB. The feature can be disabled at any time;
  • ready.

Finally, it is important to note that users need to find a balance between the amount of virtual memory they want and the storage space they need.