June 14, 2024

3 likely theories about the phenomenon

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3 likely theories about the phenomenon

In the Multiverse NewsWe’ve already talked about some theories about how the universe ended. Even if they are still theories and not evidence of Earth extinction, we actually have some real possibilities in reality.

However, we don’t have to walk around scared to death because the world is going to end. We know that yes, it will, but it’s still at least a few billion years until that happens.

But what are these hypotheses for the end of the world? Well, there are a few ways for this to happen, and in the following list we’ll detail the three most likely.

Also, while there are others, many are absurd to say the least. Therefore, we will talk about theories that scientists have studied and considered as possibilities, and not those arising from any corner of the Internet.

Three possibilities for the end of the world

1. The death of the sun

The first and most certain is the end of the earth due to the death of the sun. As some know, stars, when they die, become supernovae. This event is due to the moment when the sun begins to fuse heavier elements, such as iron, in its core.

When this happens, gravity will not be strong enough to contain the expansion caused by the event, and so the Sun will increase in size, becoming a red giant (illustration below).

The size of the Sun when it is a red giant
Image: Meteor Gallery/Reproduction

By the time the Sun reaches this point, it will engulf Mercury and Venus, losing Earth with it. At this point, of course, due to the increasing heat and new proximity to Earth, our planet will revert to a state where everything on the surface is just a molten pile of rock.

The moment the sun collapses into a red giant, there will be an explosion known as a supernova, making it very unlikely that Earth will still exist after that.

2. The magnetic field collapses

This theory is actually less likely, but still likely. As we know, the Earth is protected by a very strong magnetic field.

In turn, this field is able to protect us from the strong radiation waves emanating from the sun, as well as the solar wind, which is mainly dust carried by this radiation.

It makes sense that part of this radiation is important to Earth, after all radiation is light. However, like everything else in our lives, it must be mediated, as not all radiation is beneficial, such as gamma rays and X-rays, remembering that X-rays only harm humans if there is prolonged exposure to them.

The question for the end of Earth, or in this case, for the end of humanity, is that if there is an increase in the strength of this radiation’s emission, or a decrease in the strength of our gravitational field, it is very unlikely that we will be able to survive. However, as we said, it is an almost non-existent possibility.

3. An asteroid collision

Well, this theory doesn’t need much explanation, just ask dinosaurs what it was like to them. Logically, even if it is a more likely theory than magnetic field decrease, its odds are still small.

For an asteroid to be large enough to completely destroy Earth, it would have to be at least twice the size of the Moon. And a celestial body of this size doesn’t just walk around.

However, there are asteroids, such as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, that have the potential to cause an unprecedented climate catastrophe.

However, there are actually measures to deal with an object of this size. In addition, scientists are constantly studying any object that could pose a danger to Earth, causing the end of the world.

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