September 24, 2023
4 fatal mistakes people make when recharging mobile phones

4 fatal mistakes people make when recharging mobile phones

a prison cell It was invented to facilitate communication between people, and that’s what it’s been doing ever since. Therefore, it is necessary to take some important care so that it lasts longer, after all it is becoming increasingly old. That’s why today we made 4 mistakes when charging your cell phone so you don’t make them again!

Mistakes everyone makes when recharging their cell phones

Some addictions are postponed from cell phone to cell phone, which may be why cell phones last so little in the hands of some people. But this problem is over! Here is a list of things you should no longer do when you recharge your device:

Leave charging and go to sleep

This is one of the most common mistakes! Almost everyone has made this mistake, but it can harm the health of the battery. In today’s world, spending time is a rarity, so letting it charge while you sleep makes it seem like time consuming. However, this will only lead to his addiction to the energy source and even overheating.

Charge up to 100% or let it fully discharge

You may find this error strange, but the truth is that current smartphones have a limited number of battery cycles. That is, when you hit the maximum cycle, the health of the battery will decrease more and more.

Use a fake charger

Original chargers are the best to do this job, however, it can cause issues for your device and battery. In addition, they break more easily, forcing you to buy another one in a short time, which makes investing in an original charger even more beneficial.

Use while charging

While charging the cell phone, it is recommended to remove the protective cover and not use it, as these factors can contribute to overheating. In addition, the cell phone used in the socket will receive and spend energy, and this can cause it to become overloaded and stop working.