July 22, 2024

44.3°C to 10.2°C

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44.3°C to 10.2°C
44.3°C to 10.2°C

The week started last Sunday (23) with scorching heat in Rio Grande do Sul. The maximum that day on the National Meteorological Institute grid was 42.0°C in São Luis Gonzaga, a mark that was exceeded only in 110 years of data by 42.4°C on 1/16/1943. The institute also had a temperature of 40.5 degrees Celsius in Alegret and 40.4 degrees Celsius in São Vicente do Sul. Special stations and other agencies indicated 44.3 degrees Celsius in Santa Rosa, 42.6 degrees Celsius in Porto Vera Cruz, 42.3 degrees Celsius in Porto Xavier, 42.2 degrees Celsius in Itaqui, and 42.0 degrees Celsius. In Santo Antonio das Mises, 41.4 °C in Sao Sepe, 41.2 °C in Sao Borja, 40.6 °C in Cachoeira do Sul, 40.4 °C in Santo Angelo, 40.3 °C in Cerro Largo, 40.2 °C in Espomoso and Tabira, 40.1 degrees Celsius in Barubi and Bosor.

Featured on the cover of Correio do Povo on Friday (28th) about the change in temperature in Porto Alegre | reproduction

The week ends with Saturday lows and lows (29) of 10°C in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, the effect of a mass of cold air that entered the state of Rio Grande do Sul on Thursday and brought a significant drop. In the markings on thermometers. Thursday noon marks were up to 16 degrees Celsius lower than what was recorded at the same time the day before, the cases of Lajedo and Barubi which recorded 39 degrees Celsius at noon Wednesday and 23 degrees Celsius at the same time the next day.

Today, on the last day of the week that started with sweltering heat, the gaucho from many cities changed the air conditioning for a sleeping blanket. The minimum temperatures were between 10 and 13 ° C on the border with Uruguay, in Campanha, in the central plateau, in the Serra and Aparados. See the dips recorded by weather stations earlier today.

Isolation: 10.2 °C
Vaccaria: 10.4°C
Cinnamon: 11.2 °C
Sao Jose dos Ausentis: 11.3°C
Farroupilha: 11.3 °C
Boom Jesus: 11.4°C
Baguette: 11.7 °C
San Francisco de Paula: 11.7 °C
Caxias do Sul: 12.1 °C
Ilopolis: 12.3 °C
Seraphina Korea: 12.4°C
Grass: 12.5°C
Campara do Sul: 12.6 °C
Antonio Prado: 12.6 °C
Dom Pedrito: 12.8 °C
Lavras do Sul: 12.8°C
Version: 12.9°C

In the greater Porto Alegre region, the temperature was also low for January in the early hours of Saturday. The lowest mark was observed at the Lomba Grande meteorological station, in Novo Hamburg, where thermometers indicated 14.8 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature in the place since December 29, when it reached 14.2 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature at Canoas Air Force Base was 15.6 degrees Celsius. In Campo Bom, the minimum was 15.8 °C.

The temperature will remain low this morning. The gaucho will have a lovely Sunday with sun in all areas and a few scattered clouds in most locations. Part of Rio Grande do Sul, including, will have long periods of clear skies. From the afternoon to the evening, the very isolated and transient summer rains do not disappear in the northern half. The day starts a little cold in January, with low marks mainly in the mountainous areas, but when the cold air on the coast begins to lose its effect, it gets warmer and becomes a little hot, and stronger in the west and northwest.

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