February 25, 2024

5 ancient inventions that still interest researchers to this day!

Everything that has been created in the world, from ancient times to today, causes some estrangement in people. However, there are some inventions that have left scientists completely shocked.

This is because they seem so advanced at the time they were created. Today we are going to present 5 such inventions that still leave researchers shocked by the fads. Let’s go?

1. Roman concrete

It may sound strange, right? After all, we know how concrete is made. But the point here is that the Romans knew how to do it better than anyone else. This is because there are structures made of Roman concrete that have remained intact for more than 2,000 years. Details: Some of them are underwater!

Another curious point is that scientists already knew what was present in the composition of Roman concrete, finding volcanic ash and the mineral leucite. However, no one has yet been able to perfectly perform the mixture to repeat the work of the Romans. Curious, right?

2. The Antikythera Machine

In 1901, a strange alien was found in the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays it is known as the Antikythera Machine, but no one knows exactly what it is for. Believe me: there is something from ancient Greece that scientists can’t figure out the function of.

Experts think this machine might be something related to an astronomical calculating device, but there are no definitive answers. This is because even after a thousand years nothing similar has appeared to solve the doubts of scientists, who are still trying to unravel what this machine could be.

3. The Iron Column Delhi

We know that in general, iron artifacts rust over time, right? But not in the case of this memorial in Delhi, India. Dating back to the fourth century, even after a thousand years of exposure to weather and other factors, it has never developed any kind of rust.

One of the theories put forward by experts about this is because of Delhi’s dry climate. However, others believe that iron’s unique metallic structure is what keeps it from rusting. What do you think?

4. Flying machines

There are many reports of ancient machines talking about bodies that flew long before Santos-Dumont’s flight. The oldest instrument associated with this is described in the Rukma Vimana, an ancient text dating back to 400 BC in India.

In it, you can find drawings of these flying machines that have been depicted in history. Another curious point is that there are also instructions on how to fly these contraptions. It was Maharshi Bhardwaj who wrote this and the text even tells how to convert machines into solar energy.

5. Viking Sunstone

According to Nordic stories, some Viking sailors needed a magic stone to guide them on their travels. In reports it was said that this stone can accurately determine the position of the sun, even on cloudy days. What does it remind you of? Exactly, compass.

Experts today believe that these stones are actually fragments of the Icelandic mast. It is known as calcite and has polar properties. This is, for example, a great guess as to how they got the sun’s position right.