June 4, 2023

5 Extinct Foods No One Sees Anymore

One of the greatest pleasures you can have in life is, for sure, trying new things. The acquired baggage is carried away for life and can bring a lot of satisfaction, especially if it is a culinary novelty. If eating is already so good, imagine eating something new and normal with an exotic flavor?

Yes, unfortunately some foods are no longer with us, that is, it will no longer be possible to taste them.

However, it is interesting to know what these foods are and why they became extinct (and it is reasonable to say that capitalization and demand for agricultural production may be some of these reasons). So we broke down a list of five foods that no longer exist.

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5 foods lost in history

1. Pira Ansult

After its main use as a dessert, this variety of pear was grown in France in the 19th century and has a mild, sweet taste.

Unfortunately, it ended up becoming extinct because it was not very attractive for farming, as it was difficult to grow in large orchards. Thus, farmers chose more of the commercial variety, and it ended up disappearing in the 20th century.

Image: Terra/clone

2. Taliaferro apples

There are reports indicating that this type of apple was cultivated in Virginia, United States, during the nineteenth century. Thomas Jefferson once referred to this fruit as the best product for making cider.

However, some optimists still believe that, after its extinction, this species may have survived time and modernization, and could be cultivated again.

Forgotten in time: a list of 5 foods that are extinct
Image: Top Seller / Shutterstock

3. History of Judea

This fruit, which is native to the area near the Dead Sea and the Sea of ​​Galilee, has become extinct due to climatic changes, many of which were the responsibility of man.

The fruit has already been mentioned a lot by Christian religious communities and considered a superfood. After all, it was reddish and tasted very sweet, reportedly.

Forgotten in time: a list of 5 foods that are extinct
Photo: Globo Rural/Reproduction

4. Silphium

This herb has been widely used for its medicinal properties and originated in North Africa. The plant can reach four meters in height when fully grown. Also, its stem was cooked and added to food. In any case, this species became extinct about two thousand years ago, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bpresent-day Libya.

Forgotten in time: a list of 5 foods that are extinct
Illustration: Nirupa Rao/Reproduce

5. Cornish cauliflower or Cornish cabbage

Flavor wasn’t exactly its strength, but this variety of plant was very important to growers.

This is because it had resistance to the ring virus that mainly affects cabbage plantations. So, after its extinction in the 1950s, regions of Great Britain began to suffer from the throat attack.

Forgotten in time: a list of 5 foods that are extinct
Image: Terra/clone