April 13, 2024
5 games that were rated very poorly by the public

5 games that were rated very poorly by the public

The gaming industry produces different titles throughout the year. Not only does this production speed happen with new games, but it has already happened with previous consoles. However, although many games have been successful with the audience, there are some that have yet to satisfy them after launch. check list Games with bad reviews.

Games not recommended by the public

These titles may not be the best choice for getting started in the gaming world. see below Games with bad reviews:

1. “Mighty No. 9”

We start the list with a game that, in a strange way, can be considered both a huge success and also a flop. This is because Kickstarter ran one of its largest campaigns and generated a positive return.

That is, already in the process of disclosure, the developers managed to collect millions. However, after its release, the result was not as expected, with quality below expectations, which led to the cancellation.

2. “ET The Extra-Terrestrial”

Based on the hit movie, the game didn’t have the same fate. This was one of the first games to honor a movie production, which sparked a lot of people’s curiosity. However, when the game became available to consumers, few copies were sold. a prejudice Total close to 536 million US dollars.

3- “Duke Nukem Forever”

The development time wasn’t enough to make this game a huge success. There was nearly 14 years between the announcement and the official launch, which may have affected the public’s desire to have it. In addition, the result delivered by A Graph Much less than the current games and many bugs.

4- “Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning”

To create this game, big names were involved, such as Todd McFarlance and writer RA Salvatore. However, not everything went as expected. Experts associate the failure with the various changes that occurred in the game, and the copies sold did not exceed the expenses.

5. “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”

The wizarding world movie franchise is one of the great successes of cinema, unlike this one. However, the outcome of the game could have been different, since there is a lot of technology involved, such as the use of augmented reality.