July 14, 2024

5 killer tips for earning diamonds in the game

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5 killer tips for earning diamonds in the game
5 killer tips for earning diamonds in the game

Like other free games, Free Fire has a virtual currency so that players can buy clothes, equipment, season tickets, skills, and character skins.

In this way, the five tips below can make you get the diamonds you dream of so much in a less expensive way.

1. Pay attention to the official social networks

Following the game page on Twitter and Facebook can help in the quest for diamonds. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to social networks. Through them, managers post messages with codes, with which it becomes possible to exchange diamonds.

two. Don’t miss the events

A way to get diamonds can also be events that occur within the game, even if they are not so many. However, it is important to pay attention, as these are events that occur without a predetermined calendar.

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3. Broadcasting from LBFF

In addition to not missing out on indoor events, it pays to keep an eye on the broadcasts of the Free Fire Brazilian League (LBFF) and the Free Fire Global Series, as well as the official Garena tournaments. At some point, an opportunity to earn diamonds will appear and you have to be careful.

4. Download the Booyah app

The “Free Fire” player who still doesn’t have Booyah isn’t living the right way! Through it, you can follow the broadcasts made by other players and thus guarantee some diamonds to your wallet.

However, you must remember to link your registration to the application in order for the coin to be obtained properly.

5. Don’t forget about Google Play Store events

Last but not least, be sure to take part in the events promoted by the Play Store. In them some credits are distributed, as in the case of diamonds in the game “Free Fire”. However, this tip is limited to people who are on Android.

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