February 28, 2024

5 things we learned at the Canadian Grand Prix, Round 8 of F1 2023 – Formula 1 News

Max Verstappen Beat with maximum control Canadian Grand Prix. This Sunday (18), the Dutchman dominated and also triumphed on the dry track, after a crushing performance in the wet classification of Montreal. It was Max’s 41st win of his career, which he ties with Ayrton Senna in the list of wins in the history of the category. It was also the 100th number one single Red Bull in F1the league’s fifth most successful team ever.

The Canadian platform was absolutely amazing. In addition to Verstappen, legends also leave Montreal with trophies Fernando Alonsowith brake problems and all, and Lewis Hamiltonwho emerged alive in the battle for the runner-up.

a FerrariMiraculously, the strategy was on track and saved weekends for its pilots. Charles Locklear He came in fourth place Carlos Sainznear Monegasque the entire race, in fifth place. Sergio Perez He did practically nothing, but ended up sixth in tactics and breaks in the race. The Mexican still had the fastest lap of the day.

Alex Albon, On a stellar weekend, put your williams In seventh place, followed by Esteban Ocon, Collect a few more points. Lando Norrispenalized, was ranked 13th, behind Lance Picnic – This is bitter Valtteri Bottas at the finish line -, Oscar Biastri that it Pierre Gasly.

Max Verstappen put on another showing in Canada (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

Against this background, the jackpot Refers to five things we learned in the eighth grade of the school F1 2023 in Canada:

Verstappen and records: This is the dispute for 2023

Let’s tell the truth here, shall we? Verstappen’s dispute F1 2023 against itself and against the historic brands of legends in this category. The Dutchman has everything to be three consecutive champions and, without exaggeration, to win all the remaining races of the year. Dude is silly, RB19 is massive and there’s no one near it. Another great show in Canada, even the jokes on the radio happened.

Hamilton and Alonso point out on the podium that the fight for vice exists

If Verstappen does not quarrel with anyone, the work under him begins to increase. Because of Perez’s ineffectiveness, who we’ll talk about later, but also because grandfather Alonso and Hamilton want to play! The two of them were on the podium again, giving beautiful performances and interesting cars. If Aston Martin and Mercedes ever help, the duo can and should get the Mexican out of the way. Then it turns into a duel for vice.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso would fight for the vice, wouldn’t they? (Photo: AFP)

Perez is embarrassed again. He still complains about the lack of rhythm

Well, the fight between Hamilton and Alonso is not official for third place because Perez decided to turn the disaster curve. There are three consecutive races for the Mexican outside Q3 and the podium. And then there’s still that powder, right? Checo says Red Bull lacks speed. Hey? It is not easy to defend a man, no.

Ferrari tactic hit in the vein. This is not a simulation

Yes, Ferrari nailed not one but two strategies in the same race. True, accidents helped, but everything turned out amazingly for the Italians, and the plans went well. After a complete horror in the rating, two of the top 5 players with excellent size came out. And I drove well again, round.

Alexander Albon achieved Williams’ best result of 2023 (Picture: AFP)

Albon, what a man! Highlight “F1 Pasanada in Canada

a ‘F1 B’ has been telling jokes at the Canadian Grand Prix since Saturday, but in the end it was Alex Albon in front of the crowd. The guy shone, ignoring the fact that Williams had a poor car and took a crucial 6 points. He put Williams alive in the championship, holding on to Alfa Romeo and Haas and passing AlphaTauri. Carry the team on your back since you got there!

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