February 27, 2024
6 comportamentos que aos poucos estão destruindo o seu relacionamento

6 behaviors that are slowly destroying your relationship

Maintaining a relationship is more difficult than you think, because you may be doing things that can ruin your relationship and your record hasn’t fallen yet.

This stuff consists of a lot of manipulation, possessiveness and toxicity, so lovers usually go unnoticed.

See what these behaviors are!

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6 behaviors that are slowly destroying your relationship:

1. Criticize each other

Before entering a LinkPeople should understand that your partner is completely different from you.

When they don’t understand this, a lot of criticism and dissatisfaction starts to happen, which eventually leads to a relationship fatigue.

2. Stop taking care of themselves

The best people you can hang out with are the ones who take care of themselves. When we talk about this, we are referring to those who care about your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

With the modernization of the interior and the quality of life, the relationship is moving forward, without erosion or problems.

3. Stop investing in the relationship

Over the years together, couples began to treat the relationship as something that was already “occupied” and no longer worth the “investment.”

And the loss of this “investment” lulls love, since the affection and affection between lovers is no longer cultivated, making dating lose its fun.

4. They don’t pay attention to each other anymore

Ignoring or not caring about the partner in a relationship can raise many questions and problems for the couple.

That’s because attention involves communication between spouses, which is one of the pillars of any relationship.

5. Avoid discussing problems

Ignoring problems doesn’t just make them go away, and as long as many couples don’t understand this, they will continue to strain the relationship.

Lovers should always be open for dialogue and conversation, looking for solutions to all conflicts.

6. Unpacking

Finally, a couple who pretends to agree with each other, without giving a firm, clear and solvable answer, also ends up putting the relationship on the line.

This behavior can lead to anger and resentment in the long run. Respectful honesty is a vital component of a healthy relationship.

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