February 4, 2023
6 truques que todo mundo que tem vontade de dominar a mente de alguém deve aprender

6 tricks everyone who wants to control someone’s mind should learn

Having good oratory can be more difficult than you think, because it involves rhythm in the speech along with logic in the content. Good public speaking is able to convince people even in lies. So here are some hacks for anyone who wants to control someone’s mind!

6 tricks everyone who wants to control someone’s mind should learn:

1. Ignore complaints

The first step to having the power of persuasion is to ignore the opinions of others. He ignored complaints, suggestions and requests, and relied on tact and tact. That’s because tough behavior can go wrong at the time of the speech.

2. Be frequent

This has already been verified by professionals, when we repeat a lot in our conversation, we end up prompting the interlocutor. So, emphasize your words well and use strategies to press the same key without being annoying.

3. Make eye contact

Check out this hack here, when you want to control someone’s mind, don’t move your body too much, don’t cross your arms or hide your hands. The ideal is to be face to face with that person, in the right position, and keep in touch Visible With it, the chances of controlling the situation will be much greater.

4. Be a dear person

There is no point in trying to control people if they don’t like you. You see, according to psychology, when we respect and admire someone, we are very likely to obey them in everything they say.

5. People need to get to know you

This is exactly what great political leaders do, defining their ideologies and letting people know. Effectively, use the methods to prove that you are an expert on the subject, so that people trust you and get carried away.

6. Make an emotional appeal

Finally, this trick here is genius, skillfully use words with strong emotional appeal to get people to take your side in the problem. By changing people’s minds, you end up convincing them.

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