June 18, 2024

7 amazing and surprising facts about the human body

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7 amazing and surprising facts about the human body

The organism is home to incredible functions that are capable of sustaining life. However, there are some curiosities about the human body that can be really surprising. Check out some of them below.

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1- Mechanism of taste

The body has 8000 taste buds, each containing 100 cells that help taste food. All kinds of flavors can be felt this way. The smells, textures, and even the temperature of the food help you taste it. The tongue reacts with food particles so that its taste can be perceived.

2- There are approximately 40,000 liters of saliva in a lifetime

The average person produces approximately 40,000 liters of saliva in their lifetime. This amount is enough to fill 500 bathtubs of saliva, or “spit”. If you find it disgusting, that’s fine, but know that saliva is made up of 99% water and 1% protein. This is one of the intriguing things about the human body.

3 – Curiosity of the human body: You are taller in the morning

Few people know this, but everyone is about a centimeter tall when they wake up in the morning. This happens because the cartilage between the bones of the spine relaxes from the pressure it is exposed to during the day. The body is more stretched.

4 – You move without realizing it

If an adult walks about 12 hours each day, it could take 690 days to get around the world. Drink plenty of water and eat quality foods, as well as keep your comfort updated.

5 – General “as king”

Usually a person spends, on average, a whole year sitting on the “throne”, that is, on the toilet. So, whoever reads while doing the second issue, it will be like spending a whole year reading for his whole life.

6- Excessive mucus

A healthy human nose can produce up to a cup of mucus every day. Dust and microorganisms are expelled from the body through the airways or end up being absorbed by the human body.

7 – How many flashes do you give per day?

One of the things that intrigues the human body is how many flashes each person can give. The eyes blink, on average, 20 times per minute, which is up to 10 million times in just one year. The flash lasts 200 milliseconds.

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