March 3, 2024

7 practices you should never do when handling contact lenses

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The vast majority of people who wear contact lenses know the need to maintain good care to avoid unwanted problems. However, there are people who do not take care of them and thus may end up with health problems.

Below we will list the main things that should not be done with contact lenses.

7 practices to avoid when dealing with contact lenses

Sleeping with lenses

Many people admit to sleeping with lenses in their eyes, but experts say this practice isn’t recommended. This is because it can greatly increase your chances of getting an eye infection.

Scratching eyes

Experts say people shouldn’t rub their eyes when wearing lenses. This is because the lens can potentially bend or, if there is something between it and the eye, end up scratching the cornea.

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Not changing lenses regularly

Regardless of the type of lens, it is important to change it according to the prescription. If this care is not followed, it can lead to discomfort, pain, and even blindness.

Reuse the solution

When you remove the lenses from the case, wash them and add fresh solution. This care is important, as using an old solution greatly reduces the effectiveness of disinfection.

Use tap water

Experts suggest that people should not use running water to clean a lens or case. Instead, they should always use their own solution for this.

Lens shower

Even if the water used in the shower is safe to drink, it is not recommended to wear lenses while showering. This is because the risks of keratitis, a serious eye infection, increase significantly.

Handling lenses with dirty hands

Regardless of whether you put them on or take them off, it is important that your hands are always clean. Otherwise, there is a possibility of infections or infections.

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