March 3, 2024
90 million Brazilian reals;  Textor's former target is on the market and Botafogo receives a "signal" from Europe

90 million Brazilian reals; Textor’s former target is on the market and Botafogo receives a “signal” from Europe


One of John Textor’s biggest wishes of the last transfer period is available on the market; The news gave hope to Botafogo fans

Jorge Rodrigues / AGIF - Textor's Old Wish
Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF – Textor’s old wish “free” is on the market.

Since John Textor arrived in Botafogo, Team Rio has reached new dimensions. He even appeared in the Premier League midterms ad at the start of the year. Not to mention the transfers, which, after spending about R$60 million, the owner of SAF do Alvinegro, stated that the amount: “no thing”.

with this new Botafogo In the market, the team made inquiries about several heavy names in the ball market during the first transfer window of the year. One of them was Cavani, who will leave Manchester United in England. Another striker who was on Textor and the company’s radar was Brazilian Everton ‘Cebolinha’, of Benfica.

This Saturday (28), journalist Jorge Nicola, in an appearance on his YouTube channel, revealed that Benfica put the player on their tradable listThe transfer window opens in the middle of this year. The crowd cheered the Botafogo fans, who joined in on the promises of further reinforcements from Textur, with the possible departure of Cipolinha from Benfica.

The biggest problem will be the financial value. This is because the Portuguese paid Grêmio around 20 million euros for the striker, but Transfermarkt estimates the player at 18 million euros. However, For Nicola, chives can be traded for less than this amountwhich will be an investment of about R$95 million.

Another drawback that Textor and Botafogo will have to overcome is the high interest of the opponent flamingo on the player. Rubro-Negro has tried several times to bring Cebolinha home and they are certainly also interested in the current availability of ace. In ancient times, it was impossible to compete financially with competitors, but With Textor anything is possible.