June 13, 2024

A British cat named ‘Guinness’ is the oldest in the world

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Flossie, a gata mais velha do mundo, ao lado do certificado do 'Guinness World Record'

Flossie has been recognized as the “oldest cat in the world” before Guinness World Records – book records all over the world. The animal currently lives in London, UK, and has reached the 27-year-old mark, which equals 120 years of life compared to a human.

Flossie’s owner, Vicki Green, called the kittens “an amazing cat.” According to the british woman, the idea of ​​the animal entering the Guinness It never crossed your mind. “I knew from the start she was special, but I never imagined I’d be sharing my home with a world record holder,” he joked.

Despite living with Vicki today, the new record holder has actually lived in three different homes. Flossie was adopted a few months later to live by an employee of a hospital in Merseyside, British county, in 1995. Subsequently, the cat was taken in by the sister of the previous owner, who died 14 years later.

Already at the age of 24, the kittens were adopted by the son of the original owner, who took care of the animal for three years. However, the man had to take her to protect the catIt is an institution that takes care of abandoned cats, as it did not have the necessary conditions to give Flossie a decent life.

But that didn’t last long. Within days, the cat was adopted again, this time by Vicki Green. “If I were in good shape at her age and with someone who would do my best when I needed it most, I would be a very happy lady.” GuinnessπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

According to Vicky, the orange and black cat is still healthy for her age. Although there are some vision problems and deafness, cats adapt quickly to new environments.

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