February 27, 2024

A cheat that cost the player nearly R$60 million

Almost every gamer in the gaming community has, at some point, wanted to make it easier to level up, pass a stage, or be the best in the game. But it’s good to know that these scams are not well accepted among gamers, let alone companies.

In addition, some acts may be considered crimes subject to prosecution. This is what the player of “Destiny 2”, the popular Bondi shooter, learned in practice.

Fraud that cost nearly 60 million Brazilian reais

Destiny 2: A fraud that cost nearly R$60 million
Photo: Epic Games/Disclosure

“Destiny 2” is a first-person shooter game, released in 2017. The title, which is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, has a multiplayer platform, where players can face off in team combat or single combat.

With its fame, many people were expected to become great at the game, causing the envy of many others who always wanted to excel.

So, thinking of ways to improve the skills of those who play, Romanian Mihai Claudio Florentin created VeteranCheats, which is able to circumvent game settings, giving advantages such as automatic aiming and looking through walls.

Therefore, the guy started selling this system online to “Destiny 2” players. But the developer immediately sued Claudiu-Florentin, in 2021, seeking damages of about US$12 million, which is roughly R$60 million. In February of this year, the verdict was in favor of Bungie.

Values ​​and accusations

Destiny 2: A fraud that cost nearly R$60 million
Photo: Veterancheats/Reproduction

The producer claimed that many damages had been caused with more than 5,800 downloads identified. The amounts requested refer to damages for DMCA infringement (RM57.8 million), copyright infringement (RM724 thousand) and company lawsuit costs (RM1 million).

The site remained online even after the judge’s decision. However, it is no longer possible to download. As for Mihai, he was prohibited from doing any work that might infringe the company’s copyrights. Surely, the Roman must have learned to never try to cheat in any game again.