July 22, 2024

A doll was found behind the wall with a murder warrant

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A doll was found behind the wall with a murder warrant
A doll was found behind the wall with a murder warrant

A rag doll sitting on a small rattan chair. in her bosom, a ticket. That was the vision of Professor Jonathan Lewis, 32, when he broke a wall under a staircase at the property he had just moved into, in a borough of Liverpool, England.

A strange discovery turned bleak as soon as Lewis read the message the game brought. The content simply alluded to the murder former residents Is it local?

“Dear reader/new homeowner,” reads the beginning of the text. “Thank you for releasing me! My name is Emily. My original owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn’t like them, so they are I had to leave. “

And the way they supposedly left was far from friendly: “All they did was sing and have fun. It was disgusting. Stabbing was my choice to die for them, so I hope you did.” knives. “

The letter ends with the new owner’s desire for a good sleep, which will be cause for fear in many. Not in Lewis’s case, as he explained in an interview with the Liverpool Echo.

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He revealed, “Some friends have asked me to take the house back to the market and move in, but I think it’s just a joke.”

In addition to finding the whole thing “funny”, the professor also admitted that “he might have done Exactly the sameFor potential future residents.

Of course, the security comes from the fact that Lewis knows about the history of the house he lives in: “The letter mentions 1961, but the realtor said the kitchen wasn’t finished until four or five years ago.” Another guide from joke It’s on the paper used to deliver the message: “It looks relatively recent,” the resident noted.

Another family was cleaning up the deceased mother’s house when they found a mummified baby. Understand below:

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