February 27, 2024

A new wave of Russian attacks against Ukraine casualties Kiev | Ukraine and Russia

Rocket attack in Kiev on May 15, 2023 – Photo: Reuters

A new wave of Russian attacks on Ukraine has left three people injured in Kiev, according to local authorities. Explosions were reported during the early hours of Tuesday (16) – Monday night (15) in Brazil.

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Air strikes hit several districts of the Ukrainian capital. State officials said the defense system managed to destroy some targets, including missiles and drones.

The mayor of Kiev said debris from objects fell on cars, causing fires and damaging a building in the west of the capital. In addition, a zoo was targeted.

This was the eighth air raid on Kiev in May. Serhiy Popko, head of the Ukrainian capital’s military department, said the attacks were intense, with many missiles fired in a short period of time.

“According to preliminary information, the vast majority of enemy targets in Kiev airspace were detected and destroyed,” said Popko.

Ukraine issued air strike warnings for much of the country on Tuesday night.

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