February 20, 2024

A nursing technician becomes emotional when she sees a message from a patient who died of coronavirus in Sorocaba

Amid the steps coming and going down the hospital corridors, Maria Celia da Cuna Oliveira, 52, noticed the finer details of the environment and wrote down memories in a notebook as she was hospitalized with Covid-19. Before she could resist the disease, she even left a note for the nursing technician and a diary with letters to the family.

Maria Celia battled coronavirus for 30 days in Sorocaba. She was intubated, but did not fight off the disease and died on June 28 this year, becoming part of the 600,000 Covid-19 victims in Brazil.

The message that Maria left to a nursing technician who took care of her at UPA do Éden, in Sorocaba, was sent by the patient’s daughter, Marian Alves, through the messaging app.

Rose, dear. You have no idea how much I embrace it when I’m on your shift work and your bread is the best in the world. I love you. May the Lord always take care of you. I’m sorry I asked you so much, you are already part of my family. I love you. May God bless you and your beautiful family. Maria wrote.

Employee Roselli Perez Gonsalves, 52, said she was moved when she heard the message.

She was saying she was writing to distract her. There was such a big rush that we didn’t even see it. I only found out about it after the note, but when I read it I was very happy. I even cried that day, because what we did was not in vain. I will keep it forever, there is no way to forget.

Roselli has been in the nursing field for more than 15 years and reports that the pandemic has been the most difficult period of her career. She even considered giving up several times, but her love for the profession and for patients encouraged her to keep going.

She remembers that Maria Celia was hospitalized with her sister Rosa Cuona Dominguez in the same room, and that they always talked about their family and the homesickness they felt.

When Rosa left, her sister and I exclaimed. She was nervous about having to be alone, so she went back to the emergency room and had her tube inserted. It was very fast. I clung to her so much, I was so afraid of things, so scared, she says.

Source: G1