February 28, 2024
A patient who fell in love with a psychiatrist gets arrested for stalking her in DF

A patient who fell in love with a psychiatrist gets arrested for stalking her in DF

a Civilian Federal Police (PCDF) On Thursday (9/16), a man accused of harassing a psychiatrist who was already treating him was arrested. Women’s Police Service Agents (I don’t) campaigned and arrested, in the act, the former patient, who claimed he loved the victim. The crime of persecution is provided for in Article 147a. of criminal law.

According to PCDF, the man started psychotherapy with the professional in late 2020 and ended up falling in love with her. The psychologist, after observing the patient’s feelings, decided to end the counseling process in July 2021.

Since then, he started chasing professionalHe sends you frequent messages. According to the investigations, the man created fake accounts on Instagram and even bought a new chip to talk to her, as the psychiatrist blocked him on all social networks.

He even went to the woman’s office several times, against her will, and left letters. Someone said, “The greatest failure is not the one who fails the first time, but the one who does not try the second time.” Feeling that the chase would not stop, the woman sought the police.

Also according to the PCDF, last week, the former patient left a letter in the victim’s office, saying he would talk to her anyway. That Thursday, the police went to the scene and found out the moment he arrived at the office. The man was arrested in the act of persecution.

Because of the emotional state, the parties were accepted into I don’t It was attended by a multidisciplinary team of Integrated Center for Women’s Assistance (Naeem) In partnership with the Red Cross.