March 1, 2024
Ravi e Joy em Um Lugar ao sol

A place in the sun: Ravi’s great love will have a tragic death

The author of the TV series “Um Lugar ao Sol”, on TV Globo, surrendered at the end of the death of Ravi (Juan Paiva), however, the tragic end of the great love of the character approached. According to columnist Patricia Cogot, Joey (Lara Trimoro) will have a tragic outcome in the series.

It all begins when, upon discovering the truth about Christian (Kawa Raymond), the graffiti artist will ask him for money without her husband’s permission. On one occasion, you will use an amount you got from Renato’s twins to buy paints and leave their mark on different parts of the city, like a bridge.

Joy will then ask two friends to help her hang from a rope so she can spray the place with graffiti. Suddenly, the rope would accidentally come loose from her hands and she would be left hanging by her feet. The rope will completely detach and fall off. Ravi, who will go looking for her, will arrive at the exact moment and will be desperate. Later, he will appear with Joey’s family in the aftermath. Christian would also go and console his friend, who would get upset: “How did that happen, Chris? Joey could have her things, but that doesn’t matter. to Nobody. Besides, I don’t want my son to have a hole in his chest. He will say, “He has no one in the world now.” “How is there no one, Ravi? Your son is now with you. And more than ever, your challenge is to grow up as a father, to create sense, to be able to provide for your son,” the friend will reply.

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