February 27, 2024

A sandwich with 20 slices of cheese from Burger King in Thailand raises controversy, and the company responds | administration

Who loves cheese He often repeats the phrase:Cheese is never too much“. However, the Burger King from Thailand caused a stir on social media this week by testing the claim. The company launched a Cheese Burger (Or will it be cheese?) with nothing less than 20 slices of cheese American. The snack does not contain meat or any other ingredient, but it varies with bacon.

network fast food I made the product official, called “The Real Cheeseburger” last Sunday (9/7), with the call “I’m not kidding, I’m serious! A real cheeseburger,” and the news quickly spread across networks, including in other countries. The price is equivalent to 4.90 US dollars (about 24 Brazilian reals).

In the product review on the site Lifestyle Asia, journalist Eric E. Sorbano said he only managed to eat two pieces of the snack before throwing it away. In an excerpt from the text, he calls the product experience “disgusting,” and that he sees no reason to release it outside of the viral potential.

“It’s not really shocking that it’s bad. It’s literally a hamburger bun, 20 slices of cheese and a hamburger bun. There’s no sauce, although Burger King did offer some cans of ketchup, perhaps indicating that this might help. But me and our crew dined.” A bite of this stuff without any seasoning, and it was about as disgusting as you’d think it would be: dry, a shock to your digestive system, and literally 1,000 calories of unnecessary processed cheese.”

On Wednesday (12/7) the company posted an Instagram Story with local influencers, featuring a version of the snack with bacon.

The Real Cheeseburger from Burger King Thailand has a version with bacon – photo: clone

Also on Wednesday (12/7), the chain posted a new Facebook post, now mocking critics and saying the product will be delisted “on July 13th 2566”. The company commented in the comments that customers can “order more cheese if they are not satisfied” with 20 slices.

Most of the comments on the post praise the product, some post pictures of the snack they received for delivery (like the one that opens this text) and others ask that the item be sold in other countries.