March 23, 2023
A shopkeeper steals a winning ticket worth R$3 million from an elderly Italian woman

A shopkeeper steals a winning ticket worth R$3 million from an elderly Italian woman

On Sunday (5), the owner of a tobacco shop in Naples, who stole a given ticket worth 500,000 euros (about 3 million Brazilian reals) from a 70-year-old woman, was arrested at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. However, the police are informed that he does not have the winning slush and the search for the ticket continues.

The case took place on Friday (3) at a cigarette seller in Rioni Materdi and mobilized all Italian police as well as from neighboring countries and border guards.

The elderly woman went to the place and bought two slashes for 10 euros (about 61 BRL). The first was not awarded, but the second showed a prize of half a million euros. Then the lady confirmed with a local employee that she had won.

The boy congratulated the woman and sent the winning ticket to the tobacco seller to proceed with the payment of the prize. However, the 57-year-old who was only identified as GS took the paper and escaped from the establishment on a motorbike.

Officials themselves denounced the situation, and the police began inspections and issued alerts to all units. Then, on Sunday, he was identified by border police at the airport as he was trying to head to the Canary Islands.

Fiumicino Airport, Italy, where the shopkeeper was trying to escape

Photo: ANSA / ANSA

Carabineros said he has been convicted of theft, but there are no restraining orders against the man, who will respond freely. The company responsible for issuing the winning ticket said it objected to the sale of the entire scratch-card series and held payments until the situation was clarified. .