July 23, 2024

A Taliban commander says: “There will be no democracy, the law is sharia and that’s it.” Global

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Foto: (Reuters)
Foto: (Reuters)

laws in Afghanistan By order of Taliban Wahidullah al-Hashemi, one of the main Taliban leaders, said they should be similar to the ones that existed the last time the extremist group was in power.

Video: A girl tries to jump off an airport wall in Kabul

Video: A girl tries to jump off an airport wall in Kabul

He stated that there is no possibility for the country to adopt democracy as a system for selecting leaders –Afghanistan is likely to be governed by a council that adheres to Islamic law.

Video: A girl tries to jump off an airport wall in Kabul

Video: A girl tries to jump off an airport wall in Kabul

The supreme leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Akhundzadeh, is likely to be in charge of this council.

Hashemi said Akhundzadeh would play a role similar to that of the president.

“There will be no semblance of a democratic system because it has no basis in our country, and we will not discuss what kind of political system we will implement in Afghanistan because this is clear: the law is Sharia, and that is it,” Al-Hashemi said.

The seven most striking images of the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan

The seven most striking images of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan

The Taliban have a strict and literal interpretation of Sharia law. The group claims that women’s rights will be respected within the framework of religious law. The Council of Islamic Academics is likely to decide the rules on how women should dress.

The IMF had a loan scheme for Afghanistan, but with the Taliban seizing power in the country, the money would not be loaned out.

The US government pressured the financial institution to suspend the plan.

Afghanistan was scheduled to receive about 460 million US dollars (about 2.5 billion Brazilian reals) next week. The money is part of a package for countries that have faced problems with the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States is the major contributor to the IMF, and as such has the power to overturn big decisions.

No government has a formal diplomatic relationship with the new Afghan regime.

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