September 24, 2023
Abel finds the perfect "hinge sock" in Palmeiras and is excited about training

Abel finds the perfect “hinge sock” in Palmeiras and is excited about training

Lucas Lima No Palm trees It has already passed. The midfielder has arrived from Santos and everything indicates that he will shine in a Palma shirt. However, the player lived on flashes and never was hero In the Sao Paulo club, although he receives an astronomical salary and has many opportunities with different coaches.

With his gone, Abel Ferreira is already planning to keep him Dodo centralization And not at the top, as the player always played on his first visit to Verdau. Information from the portal sports newspaper. The idol of Palmyra enjoyed working in the field, having more freedom with the ball at his feet.

With the departure of the midfielder for the Northeast club, Abel Ferreira has shown that he plans to maintain the role Dudu has been playing on the pitch with Verdau.“, He said an excerpt from the article published on Friday (27)..

Also, according to the article, although Lucas Lima was a “leaning forward” in the team, he was the player with the profile to practice the job now performed by Dodo. NS performance The short story really pleased the Portuguese captain, who believes in team development with an ace playing this way, coming from behind for a kick or a pass.

Despite some disagreements with the board of directors in the first half of this year, Abel returned to a good relationship with the top hats and didn’t make much of a claim at the time. NS Portugal I would have liked a striker position, but this player probably won’t arrive until next season.

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