June 25, 2024

After confirming Ômicron in Brazil, the RJ government has re-discussed New Year’s Eve

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The panel of health experts advising the government of Rio de Janeiro will meet, on Wednesday (1), for the first time shortly after two Brazilians with the Ômicron variant were identified in the country. Among the topics discussed is the New Year’s Eve party, which can gather millions of people in the city of Rio de Janeiro, especially on the three stages designed for Copacabana Beach. The meeting is virtual and is scheduled to take place at 11 am.

The progress of the figure identified in South Africa led to a change in the position of political authorities around the world. In an interview with CNN Soon after the lineage was confirmed in a couple from the city of São Paulo, the state’s health minister, Alexander Ship, stipulated the party’s permission for Micron’s conduct.

“The new year depends on what a micron is. We don’t know yet. If Ômicron proves to be more aggressive than Delta, which is here, and if micron proves to be more resistant to a vaccine than Delta itself, then we have a problem ahead,” he said.

Although the party is being held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the state government can veto the event. The concession that a more restrictive measure supersedes others was set by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and was already in practice valid in the state capital, when the city council authorized the waiver of masks in gyms, but the state ruling made the element still mandatory.

One of Chip’s ideas is to hold a joint meeting in case the technical advisory groups differ from the city’s city council and state government. For him, the arrival of the surrogate to the state is inevitable. Calls for daily follow-up of issues.

The panel of experts advising the city of Rio de Janeiro decided on Monday that there was no reason not to allow the celebration of the revolution. However, Governor Claudio Castro (PL), even before the arrival of the surrogate, said that the first 15 days of December would be used to assess the scenario of the New Year’s Eve realization.

“She will enter Rio de Janeiro. I have no doubts. It is impossible for her not to enter Rio de Janeiro at some point. How will she get to anywhere in the world. What is left for us to know is what variant this is in terms of aggressiveness, transition and risk of progressing to extreme forms [da doença] And if there is any kind of resistance, that is, if the vaccine we’re using is less effective with respect to that alternative. That is what will answer and what will determine changes in behavior with respect to anything else, the Secretary of State said.

A variant first identified in South Africa, Ômicron contains more mutations than all other variants identified so far, including a specific mutation in the Spike protein – which attaches the virus to human cells – the site most frequently used for vaccine production.

“Any change in the scenario, we will eventually have to review everything. I have no doubts about it. We have to evaluate it day in and day out. Planning for New Years Eve must start now. Now, if it really is going to happen, whether maintaining the current scenario or Maintaining the future scenario based on the current scenario, yes, it will happen. Any other change we have to review,” Chibi said.

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