September 30, 2023

After Grain Deal Suspended, Russia Attacks Ukraine’s Ports: Officials Ukraine and Russia

This photo taken on August 7, 2022 shows the cargo ship in the port of Odessa, Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Air Force said that Russia used drones and ballistic missiles to hit targets in the southern and eastern regions of the country. There are no reports of injuries.

A facility in the port of Mykolaiv caught fire on Monday night (17). The port city gives access to the Black Sea, where Ukraine ships its grain.

“It’s very serious,” mayor Oleksandr Senkevich said on social media. Details of the fire were not disclosed.

In addition to Mykolaiv, the port of Odessa has also been threatened with attack, according to the Ukrainian military. And issued warnings of air strikes in several regions of the country.

The air defense system was activated to repel attacks, especially in the Odessa region.

Earlier, Russia accused Ukraine of carrying out an attack on a bridge in Crimea, which was annexed by the Moscow government in 2014. Two people were killed.

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