March 30, 2023
Atores José de Abreu, Paulo Betti e Marcelo Serrano

After his candidacy was announced in 2022, José de Abreu won the support of colleagues such as Paulo Petti and Marcelo Cerrado.

“He (José de Abreu) ​​could be a huge catalyst for the professional class,” Actor Paulo Petit commented after José de Abreu announced he intended to run for a term in Chamber in 2022. Marcelo Serrano

247 Actor José de Abreu has received the support of actors such as Paulo Petti and Marcelo Cerrado, after he announced that he was giving up his acting career to become To run for the office of a federal deputy in Rio de Janeiro for the Workers’ Party in 2022. Information about his plans was revealed earlier this week in a live broadcast between Petty and actor Antonio Grassi via Instagram.

“This is so much fun.Jose de Abreu) It can be a huge incentive for the professional class, for us to have a strong voice within Congress,” Petty commented. The reports were published by O Globo . newspaper.

A supporter of Sergio Moro in 2016, actor Marcelo Cerrado also showed his support for José de Abreu. He wrote “My Vote”.

Globo TV no longer employs Jose de Abreu. After 40 years of exclusive association with the broadcaster, he began to work only on specific projects for the company.

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