June 23, 2024

After ignoring Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe, Arthur Aguiar recently fired off the removal: ‘It made me sick’

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After ignoring Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe, Arthur Aguiar recently fired off the removal: 'It made me sick'

Tangara da Serra, May 17, 2022, by Nariel Pereira Paulo Andre And Pedro Scooby They’ve seen their names gain popularity on social media in recent days. This is because the surfer and Olympic athlete was heavily criticized on the Internet, after they ignored their friendship with him Arthur Agyar outside the house. In this way, you can find more details about this article here on the website of The Prime Minister’s Diaries.

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In that sense, recently when asked if he had already spoken to him Arthur Agyar After the reality show ends, Paulo Andre He replied that so far, no. We didn’t have a chance to talk. That’s because they’re all very modern, and that’s it,” declared the runner.

Previously Pedro Scooby After leaving BBB, he announced that he is very fond of him ArthurBut her relationship with him will be more difficult because they have very different tastes. since then, Arthur Agyar He preferred to remain silent about the outcome of his relationship with him Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe After the end of the big brother Brazil.

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Arthur Aguiar explains the removal from social networks

last monday, Arthur Agyar Participate in the program “Meeting” with Fatima Bernards And he told us why he’s been staying away from social networks for the past few days. The BBB 22 Champion declared that there were people who kept not acknowledging his victory and that made him so bad.

I suffered a lot at home, some attacks, and it made me feel very ill. When I left, I thought the game was over, but it wasn’t. People continued not to acknowledge victory. I thought it was time to take that break and travel with my family.”

finally, Arthur Agyar He also talked about the support he received from some artists while in detention.

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