June 3, 2023
After sale, injury and criticism, Luis Henrique appears "lighter" in Fluminense with Fernando Diniz |  fluminence

After sale, injury and criticism, Luis Henrique appears “lighter” in Fluminense with Fernando Diniz | fluminence

Nearly two months after the last goal, against Olympia, of Paraguay, in Prie-Libertadores, Luis Henrique scored again last Wednesday. And it was a very important goal, as he secured a 2-1 victory over Junior Barranquilla, of Colombia, and kept the win. Fluminense She lives in Cuba Sudamericana. More than just a meeting with the net, it seems that Al Jawhara witnessed a kind of revival after the arrival of coach Fernando Dinez.

Luiz Henrique hugs Deniz after scoring again for Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense FC

Shortly after it was announced that it was sold to Spanish club Betis, Luis Henrique had to deal with an ankle injury, with a drop in performance and the demands of the crowd. A package that shook the confidence of the 21-year-old, who was one of the most prominent figures in Fluminense since last year. After the match, the striker could not hold back the tears when he recalled the difficult moments:

– I feel lighter, I had an injury that disappointed me so much. The fans, who I know are very fond of me, have been paying me a lot. I put this in my head, with my family, who needed the team’s help, and today thank God (at the moment Luis Henrique can’t hold back his tears)… I’m helping my team achieve this victory. Just keep working and everything will be fine.

Luiz Henrique smiling in training: The youngster is ‘lighter’ with Deniz – Photo: Melson Santana / Fluminense FC

And the return of confidence was directly related to Deniz. The General Electric He found the captain charging Luiz Henrique, while training in CT Carlos Castilho, a more offensive position, to always strive to play forward and avoid dragging the ball. A psychology coach wants the 11 jersey to be lighter and happier on the field. It has already paid off.

The new coach gave us a lot of confidence, he told me to play freely, to play happy. Thank God I managed to help the team with another goal and another victory – said the striker.

Celebrating the goal, Luis Henrique Deniz hugged long and warm – Photo: André Durao

on display in FluminenseLast Monday, Denise talked about the relationship with the players and compared the bond to family ties. With the role of “Big Daddy”, the coach praised Luis Henrique’s ability and believes he has everything to build a great career:

– What I do with the player is a love affair that only those close to love understand. The main task in my life is to help the player lead a decent life through football. I have an interest in players that almost no one cares about, a father-to-son concern. (…) My contact with the players is always very close, and it is no different with Luis Henrique, I consider him a brilliant player with amazing potential, and I think his career is just beginning. He can take off exponentially, said the coach.

In 22 matches this season, Luis Henrique has been directly involved in seven of the 39 goals scored by the team Fluminense In 2022. In addition to filling the nets for Junior Barranquilla, in Sud Americana, and Olympia, in Pri-Libertadores, the youngster has already provided five assists (for Andre, David Braz, Janso and two for Kano) and is the top waiter from the team of the year along with Yago.

Luis Henrique celebrates his goal in the match Fluminense and Junior Barranquilla – Photo: Andre Durao

Realizing Luis Henrique’s potential, Fernando Dinez is, of course, already worried about the team’s future without one of its key players. The jewel formed in Xerém will move to Spain in July, and the club plans to deal with the absence, but knows that replacing him will be a thankful task.

– The Fluminense Already worried about this situation. I’m coming too. I admit that Luiz Henrique is a very rare gem, a player who is difficult to replace, because he is very rare. We will monitor as much as possible. Sometimes there is a player you like, but the financial situation of the club does not allow you to sign, but Fluminense I’m already watching, and so am I

While Luis Henrique does not leave, the striker remains hopeful for goals Fluminense It is considered one of the team’s weapons to try to beat Palmeiras for the first time at Allianz Parque. Deniz’s team visits Alverde on Sunday, 4pm (Brazilian time), for the fifth round of the Brazilian Championship. Tricolor have lost all eight games they have played at the stadium, which opened in 2014.

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